Red Apple Fireworks

Store Overview: fireworks by the case, wholesale fireworks, retail fireworks, bulk retail fireworks, low prices on fireworks, huge selection of fireworks, great customer service.

Price matching: yes, guaranteed lowest price on every item they carry.

Website rating: 5 stars

Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Product categories: aerial fireworks, ground fireworks

Brands stocked: Brothers, Winda, Cannon, Shogun, Firehawk, Pyrostar, UV, Triumph, Pagoda, 1.4G, Red Apple, Topgun, Fisherman, Cutting Egdge, World Class, 

Prices: $$

Payments accepted: cash, credit card, Apple pay, Samsung pay

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: yes

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36 Reviews


    5 stars!


    5 stars!

  • Manof Man

    This is the best fireworks store in the entire world, The deals they have there are 10x better than phantom. The staff is helpful to find what you need and them slushi’s are a charm :)!!!

  • admin

    Great store.
    This store is very organized.

    All the workers here are super friendly.
    Prices are great too!

    Be back next year!
    Thanks !

  • Martin R.

    Red Apple Fireworks was the best pyro decision I could of made. Prior to coming here I was 100% Area 51 die hard fan. Unfortunately they had outrageous prices, didn’t make an effort to sell me anything. After stupidly buying a crappy Shells Of Vengeans and Excalibur, I left and went to Red Apple. And wow was I impressed, not only did they have a great selection of fireworks, the manager was an amazing saleswomen and overall a genuine person. You can tell she loves her job, she made the experience such a great one. She offered me so many deals I ended up leaving with a trunk full of Fireworks and stayed on my budget.

    Thank you for your amazing customer service, your willingness to go above and beyond in helping me select the right Fireworks for my show and my budget. I will be back soon thanks to your positive attitude and helpfulness.


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