Red Apple Fireworks

Store Overview: fireworks by the case, wholesale fireworks, retail fireworks, bulk retail fireworks, low prices on fireworks, huge selection of fireworks, great customer service.

Price matching: yes, guaranteed lowest price on every item they carry.

Website rating: 5 stars

Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Product categories: aerial fireworks, ground fireworks

Brands stocked: Brothers, Winda, Cannon, Shogun, Firehawk, Pyrostar, UV, Triumph, Pagoda, 1.4G, Red Apple, Topgun, Fisherman, Cutting Egdge, World Class, 

Prices: $$

Payments accepted: cash, credit card, Apple pay, Samsung pay

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: yes

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36 Reviews

  • Mark P.

    I went to the Red Apple Fireworks in Pahrump, Nevada a couple weeks after July 4th, 2016. After visiting every firework shop in Pahrump I strongly recommend Red Apple. They provided excellent customer service and even showed me videos of the fireworks I was interested in. Also, there prices were fair and the products all were of great quality and I had no duds. Their selection was lacking, however, that can be expected after the 4th. The best part was that the staff was honest and did not try to sell me products that I did not need.

  • Ryan R.

    We’re from southern California, and if you’re going to make the drive, this is the only place to go. We’ve been to all the stores in pahrump but this place is the best when it comes to price, selection, and helpful staff. Highly recommend!

  • Ralph C.

    Let me just say black friday HUGE SUCCESS! Red apple has the game on lock! No gimmicky nonsense that some other places play cough cough area51 with pricing. 500 grams cakes as low as 10 bucks I’ll definitely be making at minimum 3 more trips before July but today was one of the biggest I’ve ever done and so worth it your missing out if u don’t go to RED APPLE

  • Don H.

    Red Apple Fireworks has a great, friendly and knowledgeable staff to help with any questions. The store is clean and very well stocked. I don’t think I’ve seen a larger stock of cannister and ball shells in one store. Great selection of cakes, fountains, novelties and bundled packs! Their pricing is great, free popcorn and slushies and just a great atmosphere. Other stores in the area certainly had a selection of great fireworks. Red Apple just has a different feel, like you’re really welcome…you just belong there. You can buy by the piece or a case at a time. The holiday sales are insane (the crowds too) but it’s my favorite time to be there. AWESOME place, kudos to Doug and his staff. Don’t buy in to the rivalry on social media, go there and see for yourself. They gave me a free 500 gram cake for my birthday…thanks Red Apple!

  • Samantha B.

    Its literally a party city of fireworks in here. Place is super awesome!!!!!!! Great prices!!


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36 Reviews