Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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  • T.C. H.

    A nice selection of fireworks with a spacious layout but unless you’re buddy-buddy with the owner Tim you don’t get the super sweet deals.

  • Vick D.

    First time and second time I came here was great. This time I did not get much help finding the items I was looking for. They did not have prices listed on there website and they did not have case prices listed in the store it was pretty annoying along with the fact no one was assisting me I almost went over to red apple where they have excellent service.. i ended up spending more time at area 51 due to the slow service from the staff of lil kids.. I don’t know about coming back to area 51 they really didn’t have alot of good deals either wasted lot of my time and through my schedule off!!

    • Todd T.

      Extremely disappointed with the products. Everyone was friendly and prices were in line. However, once I got my $100 haul home I tested a few and discovered that about half the rockets are duds. Spinners, too. I went to phantom last year and their product was 99% awesome. I’ll have to make another trip, this time to phantom, so the kids aren’t disappointed on the 4th.

  • Alex M.

    Other places in town (*cough* Red Apple *cough*) have this place beat by a mile. All the Alien brand product that I have used either did not go off all the way or was much less cool than I was led to believe by Area 51 employees. By the way, its really tough to get any assistance here. I had to hunt down an employee and 2 minutes after I found one, her friend came in the store and she screamed and ran away from me to go hang out with her. :-/

    Used to be good, but has gone waaaaaay down hill. I won’t be returning and I cannot recommend this place to anyone as long as there are places like Red Apple around.

  • Jonathan T. Knight

    This used to be one of the most respectable stores in Southern Nevada. I’ve been going here for years! After a 2 year break, I went back recently and was SO shocked to see what Pahrump has turned to. Went to Red Apple, Area 51, Phantom, and Moapa. Previously Phantom and Moapa were frowned upon in the pyro community, and now they are 100X better than Red Apple and Area 51. Area 51 followed in red apple’s footsteps by hiring girls who think they’re attractive (really the bottom of the barrel) and are so ill-informed that they wouldn’t be able to tell me the difference between a pre-loaded mortar and a reloadable artillery. TERRIBLE customer service. Immediately after walking in, one of the girls (who was so far at the bottom of the barrel, even Miley Cyrus wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole) ended up bumping into us (literally) and got angry at us and had said a negative remark towards us. We proceeded to ask for a manager, and much to my surprise, one of the “eye candy’s” presented herself as the acting manager. We presented the issue to her and not only was nothing done, but they proceeded to make jokes directed towards us as we walked throughout the store, all the while, the in-humane girl (if you could even call it a girl) followed us around the store with her unchangeable CBF (Chronic B**** Face).
    Not only that, but the products were indeed incredibly plain. None of the products stood out like they had before, and we had walked into the store seeing “buy one get 2 free” all over the building, just to find out that the only products that were even priced like that were generic baby sunflowers, or other stuff along the lines of things you could never really give two craps about.
    This store has become so “corporate” in such a bad way. I previously would’ve rated this store 9/10 2 years ago, and now, I wouldn’t even give it a 1/10 and I will not be coming back.
    Sad to say that Moapa and Phantom were 100X better, but props to them to being the best IMO. Moapa has a HUGE tent now the size of their truck stop store with more products then you know what to do with and honestly had good prices, and phantom had buy one get 2 free on their entire inventory without the “raise the price” gimmick.

  • Richard G.

    Only 3 stars this time. Been coming here for years !! Service is great !! But !!!! No cases in stock. Use to pull items off shelf to make a case for you, now they don’t. Been here for over an hour waiting for my order to be filled. BOOOOOOO !!!!! I called a couple days ago and was told they had everything. Got here and half the stuff they don’t have


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