Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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39 Reviews

  • Delia G.

    Not sure why I keep giving this place another shot since it gets worse every time. Product is very low quality and prices are up. I’d rather go to red apple and get high quality products for less. pease out a51

  • Ber B.

    Prices were OK but all of the product was very low breaking and inconsistent. I was scared that we’re going to get hit, especially when a couple of the cake started shooting out of the side and almost burn down my house.

  • Iuo

    Attention attention!! As of right now 6-11-16 11:30 the check point heading back in the Cali where they check for fruits is inspecting people’s cares for fireworks!! Be aware this is no joke

  • Andrew G.

    Ugh. Absolute garbage. Area 51 used to be the shit. Now it’s just shtty. Hit up Red Apple Fireworks instead.

  • Tim M.

    Nice place. Good selection of Alien brand but I didn’t see any other brands there. The sales person told me they were the only place in town but then I saw like 3 other places that all looked better than this one. I probably will not stop here again after seeing what the other places in parhump have to offer and being lied to by the sales girl. She was hot though lol Hit me up!


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39 Reviews