Red Apple Fireworks

Store Overview: fireworks by the case, wholesale fireworks, retail fireworks, bulk retail fireworks, low prices on fireworks, huge selection of fireworks, great customer service.

Price matching: yes, guaranteed lowest price on every item they carry.

Website rating: 5 stars

Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Product categories: aerial fireworks, ground fireworks

Brands stocked: Brothers, Winda, Cannon, Shogun, Firehawk, Pyrostar, UV, Triumph, Pagoda, 1.4G, Red Apple, Topgun, Fisherman, Cutting Egdge, World Class, 

Prices: $$

Payments accepted: cash, credit card, Apple pay, Samsung pay

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: yes

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36 Reviews

  • Ralph C.

    Great selection and pricing can’t be beat. Went to phantom because they advertised buy 1 get 2 free. But the thing is I only wanted the one piece which is why red apple kicks ass! You want the one piece okay 66 percent off. Made 2 trips in last 3 weeks to stockpile first was for new years then last trip for the fourth. Staff is awesome and just gives off good vibes whereas other shops just don’t have the same feel. Save yourself the time and go to red apple. Love this place

  • Alexis D.

    This is the place that made all my wildest dreams come true! Im a pyromaniac and i been coming here on our vegas vacations if i drive of course. This town is filled with firework stores and most stores have told me they dont sell by the case and if they do its full retail im talking about car payment prices. Since my first visit to red apple i was a amatuer to the pyro world and now i know what bangs and whats weak but red apple covers almost every catagory you look for and they will show you clips if youd like an idea what it would look like. You do get greeted with a slush and popcorn which is very welcoming after a long trip long story short you want the best prices this is the spot. Tip: out of towners have cash ready or call your banks or credit line because your cards could be frozen!

  • Humberto S.

    Sometime in between our one week vacation at Vegas, we decided to head out to Pharump to check out the stores.
    We stopped at phantom, Area 51 and blackjack fireworks. The prices were okay. All three had a few buy one get one offers but nothing to make you feel like you were getting a great deal. It was late July, so the need for fireworks wasn’t that big, but of course fireworks are awesome so I still NEEDED some haha.
    Phantom’s workers were nice and greeted us, blackjack’s worker was pissed to be living in the first place. Area 51’s worker followed us around the store the entire time…don’t know if 51’s worker was new or not but she didn’t seem knowledgable about the prices and products when asked upon.

    We decided to stop by to the only firework store we had skipped when entering Pharump….

    Red Apple’s prices were the best out of the 4 firework stores. They had 66% off the entire store. They also had the biggest selection out of all the other stores, a variation of rockets, crackers, mortars, children’s fireworks, ect. But what made the real difference was the customer service. We actually felt WELCOMED and appreciated as customers. We were greeted immediately, told about the sales. The workers even recommended some of their personal favorites and the best deals they saw in their eyes. We took advantage of the 66% off and left with a cart full of fireworks in late July LOL. We were even offered popcorn and slushies for the road from the workers.

    I’m glad we didn’t give our money to the other emotionless firework establishments in the area. I will definitely be returning to red apple fireworks whenever I’m need.

  • Melissa P.

    Came here two days before the 4th of July.

    First time at this place and my eyes were glazed in excitement. My boyfriend’s version of a candy store. All the fireworks for his little pyromaniac heart’s desire.

    I must say, pretty awesome deals!! Also, my experience with the employees were pretty damn pleasant. All were so chirpy and happy and extremely helpful.

    Don’t forget to check their facebook to see what deals are going on, and if you are on their mailing list, you can get even better deals!

    When we lit up our last boxed fireworks, I asked him if our 8 hour ride to RA Fireworks was worth it. As we both watch the lit up sky he said, “Yes”. It will be our annual thing forthcoming before the 4th. =)

    P.S. Free popcorn and a sample size slushy is a nice treat and appreciation!

  • Samantha G.

    This is a popular fireworks store in Pahrump that is on the lefthand-side as you enter the main area of town from Vegas. It’s fairly large for a fireworks store. It’s open until midnight during peak season. They give you free popcorn while you browse. They seem to have a little of everything. And they’re are always sales and deals to be had. And they have a designated fireworks area where purchasers can legally enjoy and fire off their purchases, which is awesome. Staff are helpful and friendly. And if you check-in on Yelp or any social media platform, you get something for free (for us, it was sparklers).


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