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Brands stocked: Alien, Ninja

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  • Brad G.

    They have a wide selection and a yelp check in deal, BUT I don’t like how they jack up their prices for the holidays. I can see how you covered the sticker price with a higher one, at least make an attempt to cover it better so I don’t see the CHEAPER price. Not only around the holidays but from past experience it seems prices are going up dramatically in general? Spent around $300 for 6 cakes? Come on now… I had to stop by 3 other stores to make sure I’m getting the best deal. Don’t set your place in stone until you check out the competitors.

  • Jeff S.

    This place is a joke!

    I walk in and am explained that every item has a price and a number 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the tag. The number is the quantity of that item you receive for that price. So if it has a 2 on it and $50, you get two of them for $50.

    Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically want multiples of exactly the same firework. I asked the guy what if I only wanted one and he said they would adjust the price accordingly, so a “2” item would cost 50% of the listed price, a “3” item 1/3’rd of the listed price, etc.

    Now why they cannot just put the actual single quantity price is beyond me. It would have prevented the asinine experience I ended up having.

    I grabbed a bunch of stuff, all single items, since again, I didn’t want multiples of the same thing. The guy rings it all up and I can tell the computer is running up the full price (for whatever quantity, 1, 2, 3 or 4) and then he is manually having to discount it down to whatever the single item price should be.

    No surprise that after they run my card and receipt prints out, bunch of “3” items were not discounted at all, so I was paying 3x what I should have for that single item and that happened about 3 or 4 times on the receipt.

    And he incorrectly discounted one “3” item, charging me 50% instead of the 1/3’rd I should have been charged.

    At this point the manager is called over and I ask them to void the entire ticket and start all over. The manager tells me “he doesn’t know how to do returns” and would prefer that I just grab some stuff off the shelf to “make up the difference”. Then he proceeds to hassle with me on what price item would “make up the difference” and of course he low balls me.

    At that point I just grabbed something and left. The “make up” item was “4” for $15, which means it was really $3.75 since I only got one. I estimate they overcharged me by about $35.

    Basically just stay away from this shady business. I am still pondering doing a CC chargeback. Any business where the manager “doesn’t know how to do returns” when I never even left the counter, is suspect.

  • Brad S.

    Blackjack has doubled in prices this year , I took my trip down there today , been going there for many of years now. I had a ruff time with there staff , they over charged my card , and had to refund me cash. They was pretty lost. But besides that. I have some left over fireworks from last year. I pulled them out. Still had last years prices on them. Box of ( bad to the bone ) super magnum shells last year was 24.99 for 3 , now they are 44.99 for 3 , then I found some bad to the bone Roman candles , last year was 19.99 for 4 ,now they are 29.99 for 3 , is the economy doing that much better now , to justify doubling your prices ?

  • Sara V.

    Love this place! Staff is super friendly and Kay Kay is awesome! Come here all the time!

  • Adelita G.

    I called to confirm that I would be able to buy quantities of a certain item at wholesale price. I drove 8 hours round trip in 107° heat to find out the deal was off. They wanted me to pay $149 for one item when at wholesale it would have been $104 for two. BAD BUSINESS!!! Area 51 fireworks picked up the deal. AREA 51 Fireworks ROCKS!!! That’s where I’m dropping my $thousands next year.


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