Blackjack Fireworks

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Price matching: never

Website rating: 2 stars

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Brands stocked: Alien, Ninja

Prices: $$$$

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Parking: gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: unknown

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16 Reviews

  • Pyro ChemDawg

    If you like supporting the mom and pop fireworks store than this is the place to go. The Staff and Owners there are nice but there isn’t really a good selection of fireworks for my likings.
    I would rather go to Area 51 or Redapple.
    Just my opinion

  • christie

    this place sucks. frank used to know whats up. now it is full of fuck wits and stinky people. dusty old fireworks too.

  • Ariel M.

    Do not stop here if you’re coming from Vegas. Go straight to phantom fireworks. They sell just the same shit at phantom for even a better price and deal! I got 6 items here at black jack for twice the price I paid for at phantom. And I literally got 6x more at phantom than I did here at blackjack for half the price.

  • Christopher L.

    I really wanted to give them a fair review but after being at there demo and seeing there over priced fireworks that you seriously can get way cheaper anywhere else in pharump then when the owner decided to give raffle tickets to only Raider fans and ass out everyone else who did not wear his team I left and took my business elsewhere , I would say everyone else can get better price anywhere else not to waist your time here

  • John W

    Good selection, friendly staff. Love those Hellcat Cans!


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16 Reviews