Phantom Fireworks

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Brands stocked: Phantom

Prices: $$$$$

Payments accepted: cash, credit cards

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: no

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  • Saira G.

    Best fireworks in the world last 4th of July we spend almost all of our money the price is 17903$ ten fireworks

  • Mike C.

    Do not buy fireworks here. They will take your money then tell the police who you are and arrest you.

  • Michael G.

    If you’re looking to get fireworks: know what you’re doing.

    \If you buy fireworks in Pahrump, be aware that there is only one location in the whole county where you can set them off at and that’s at Alamo (You can only fire at Alamo if you buy at Alamo). You have to sign a waiver that says you need to leave the county in 24 hours but Clark County and California are clearly not options because of their laws regarding fireworks (I’m not sure about Esmerelda county).

    My advice: just go to Alamo and save yourself the hassle. The prices are cheap and they have a big selection but it only helps if you can light them.

  • Dean P.

    Easy access location, super clean store, friendly people , great prices. I’ve been here several times and they don’t disappoint . Time to blow some sh@t up !!!!!

  • Jack C.

    Stopped here on a whim before our descent into Death Valley… a lot of fireworks here, but with signs that they are illegal (especially in the desert) is a bit odd. We waited until we got further south before we used them.

    Good selection, but people have told me that these people will snitch on a dime if need be. Watch out.


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17 Reviews