Phantom Fireworks

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Price matching: no

Website rating: 3

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Brands stocked: Phantom

Prices: $$$$$

Payments accepted: cash, credit cards

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: no

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17 Reviews

  • Tommy T.

    Prices keep going up, selection keeps going down and the sales people still have no idea about the product they are selling. One sales guy actually tried to compare fireworks to guns to get me to buy some mortars that he said were used in the Boston bombing. Wow disgusting

  • Cecilia J.

    buy 1 get 3 free sounds like a great deal but it is a total scam. they mark the prices up high then give you a discount. plus you cannot mix and match like at red apple. overall ok experience but other stores in the area are better.

  • Bruce Z.

    Overpriced, but some quality products. Not really worth it unless you have coupons, which are not available during the busiest time of year. :(

  • Jack C.

    They triple their prices and then give you buy 1 get 2 free. Who still believes this crap?

  • Charlezzzzzz

    I like it! Good selection and HQ fireworks.


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17 Reviews