Phantom Fireworks

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Brands stocked: Phantom

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Payments accepted: cash, credit cards

Parking: parking lot

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  • Moises G.

    USMC Vet. Please do not shop here. Store Manager Lori has no integrity will lie to your face to get you out her store. Spoke with Corporate customer service executive who said it does not matter what they advertise they will not honor online orders. Spent day prior going through products and placing order. Website said no gimmicks promo is for placing orders early online. Was told at store they will not honor online promo even though it website specifically said their is no catch phantom prides itself on its promos and it was an incentive for ordering early online. Lori store manager said the ceo has been informed of issue and it is being addressed. She then gave me a number which she said was for the ceo I can voice my concerns to him. Instead when I called still in her store the customer service executive picked up the phone and told me to stop she had allready told me and it does not matter what I said or what it is advertised they will not honor the online order. Lori and her staff began to laugh and asked who picked up the phone. I spent 6 years in the marine Corp and 2 of those overseas in defense of this country. And on the weekend that I want to celebrate the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice I come back and get mistreated lied to and laughed at. I politely said thank you to Lori as I walked out her store. I will not let this anti American manager with no integrity ruin what is good about Memorial Day. Please there are plenty of other fireworks stands. This Marine asks you to stand by me and not support phantom fireworks.

  • Jodi R.

    Beware of the frequent shopper card! You will be charged $5 to use it!!!!!! Without them telling you!!!! They give it to you when you enter and don’t tell you it’s a charge! I felt very scammed! I will not shop again there!

  • Ralph C.

    Wish I could give 0 stars. Customer service is non existent and pricing is ridiculously high! Could go to the competition down the street and get double the product for the money. You would think as big as phantom is they would be the cheapest due to volume of product they buy to supply. Never again phantom never again.

  • Junior S.

    buy 1 get 2 free is a joke. everything is cheaper everywhere else. try red apple for example. just do it. skip phantom fireworks for sure.

  • Iuo

    Attention attention!! As of right now 6-11-16 11:30 the check point heading back in the Cali where they check for fruits is inspecting people’s cares for fireworks!! Be aware this is no joke


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