Phantom Fireworks

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Price matching: no

Website rating: 3

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Brands stocked: Phantom

Prices: $$$$$

Payments accepted: cash, credit cards

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: no

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  • Brucie L.

    I used to tolerate this place just to pick up a few of the specialty items that I could not get at Red Apple. But now the Apple has everything I want so I don’t get smeared by the prices at phantom.

  • Michael G.

    I shopped at Phantom Fireworks in Pahrump a couple weeks after July 4th, 2016. The staff seemed to be friendly however they made many products seem much better than they were and they lied about some products as well. Compared to Red Apple up the street there prices were more expensive with some things and cheaper with others. The only catch is that they are running a ” buy one get two free” special, so all of their prices are marked up. The quality of the fireworks was ok. Next time I will shop up the road at Red Apple first.


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