Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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39 Reviews

  • Janna T.

    What the hell happened to this place? Total waste of time. I only bought some stuff because I didn’t know about the other places in town. Stopped by Red Apple on the way out of town and was upset because I spent ANY money at Alien. Red Apple has them beat in every way. Don’t waste your time at this overpriced dump.

  • Joshua E.

    what the heck happened to this place? Prices are up, selection and customer services are down. The demo this year was meh, along with the free food.

    I’ll stick to Red Apple.

  • Tim T.

    Wow, this sucks. I used to come here all the time, but I realized that the quality of the experience has really decreased over time.

    Tim used to be cool, but now it’s all about selling crappy product at high prices.

    Plus, all my pyro buddies have been busted really soon after buying product here. Hmmmm…

    I’ll go elsewhere for better product and better prices and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • Pyroking!

    Worst fireworks store ever! Go to ANY other store.

  • LAx

    used to be on point but sucks now. prices to high here


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39 Reviews