Red Apple Fireworks

Store Overview: fireworks by the case, wholesale fireworks, retail fireworks, bulk retail fireworks, low prices on fireworks, huge selection of fireworks, great customer service.

Price matching: yes, guaranteed lowest price on every item they carry.

Website rating: 5 stars

Social Media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Product categories: aerial fireworks, ground fireworks

Brands stocked: Brothers, Winda, Cannon, Shogun, Firehawk, Pyrostar, UV, Triumph, Pagoda, 1.4G, Red Apple, Topgun, Fisherman, Cutting Egdge, World Class, 

Prices: $$

Payments accepted: cash, credit card, Apple pay, Samsung pay

Parking: parking lot

Wheelchair accessible: yes

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36 Reviews

  • Leigh

    man o man we love this place! totally family friendly, free snacks and drinks, great staff, the best quality. what more can we ask for? we used to shop around in pahrump. now we only go to red apple. red apple have given us the best show for 5 years running.

  • Kevin P.

    We LOVE CiCi!!! She’s so smart about the best deals & the best mortars & anything else to buy! Everyone else is great too, she’s our favorite! This is the only place to go for fireworks, especially mortars, we highly recommend Red Apple!

  • Nancy H.

    Awesome place!!! I love the inventory is a huge options to choose,the staff is really nice and well train especially Toby he answer all my questions regarding the fireworks and safety, he went and bring me the right box that will made my holiday amazing!!! The place is well organized and the lines are pretty fast,definitely I00% recommended.

  • T.C. H.


    Friendly staff, lowest prices, best variety of fireworks and only minutes from the shooting site. I went there on the 1st and 2nd of July and the store was mobbed, the line to check out was over an hour long but that’s understandable considering how many people were jammed into store. Doug is the man that runs the place and he knows his fireworks, highly recommend this shop.

  • Lily N.

    They have the best and almost ALL fireworks you can possibly think of or want at an EXTREMELY low price. Sooooo many different types of fireworks from small ones to super illegal ones (if you’re to fire them in Las Vegas haha) they even have a check in for free firecrackers it’s pretty awesome they’re open certain days of the year so make sure to call in.
    The ONLY negative is that the lines are ridiculously long and it’s like really hot in there and you feel like passing out just waiting in line for 2 hours but other than that everything is great. I’d bring my friends and family here just to buy fireworks haha
    Service is good too they’re very helpful


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36 Reviews