Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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  • Paul Burcham

    The most expensive firework store in all of the west coast and I implore everyone to go do research on my claim if you do not believe me. To sum it all up, it sucks. I’m only giving it 1 star instead of 0 because the I suck Tim McKoy’s dick whenever he wants. Both wholesale and retail is ridiculously overpriced. I came for the first time last year early and bought a couple of items. Came back in mid June and the price had almost trippled for the exact same items and the staff said that this store raises prices as the fourth of July gets closer. no other store does that and that is very sickening in Area 51’s part. I did more research online and it turns out that Area 51 has the worst reputation amongst firework fans and it’s all because of their pricing and how they rip people off. The only people who support them are either in the dark about prices at other stores or they are bought by area 51 either via heavy discounts or by free products. Beware of all the positive reviews claiming that Area 51 has good prices. These are obviously fake.

    Rip off artist business owner. I do not mean to smear or make anyone look bad and I do not believe I am doing so since I am just stating facts. I truly believe that Area 51 HAD the potential to be the store to shop at but as soon as the owner’s dad died, everything went downhill. The store Carrys all the regular brands at much higher prices than anywhere else. You honestly want to bring up your website? You have several bad reviews on Google alone concerning your website. Quality products? You have several bad reviews scattered all around the internet. Alien Brand for example. People all around are saying that Alien is Area 51’s brand but is low quality so they decided to brand it another name so people wouldn’t associate it with Area 51 and connect the two for being low quality. Smart move honestly. There are several bad reviews on Blackjack alone and even word that the owner of Blackjack asks people to take down their reviews. Does the name Paul Burcham ring any bells? Something about being threatened over a video on YouTube because he exposed Area 51 Alien brand early on? That’s just one example of low quality products. There are many that I can point out. People know and people talk. I was told I might be coerced into changing or taking down my review and was even told what Area 51 would reply with and it’s all been spot on. At this point it is now safe to believe all the other things I’ve read and been told about Area 51. I honestly would like to sit down and talk to you but that last part about me feeling good about myself gots me thinking that you’re just a bully. Even if you hadn’t stated that last part, talk is cheap and I would much rather see action. What i mean by action is fix the pricing situation. Stop ripping off every ignorant or new customer. I hope to one day edit this review with 5 stars and post something positive. Also hope this is all coming across as constructive criticism.

    P.s. I’ve noticed a trend that every single person who has supported Area 51 ends up turning on them. what’s that all about? Does Area 51 suddenly stop “hooking up” their supporters with heavy discounts or something? Would be shady if that was the case. Would indicate that Area 51 just uses their supporters for more publicity and then just tosses them after they serve their purpose. Do not worry though. I will investigate further on this matter and will post my findings on this review.


    The owner Tim is as white trash as they come. He literally knows nothing about fireworks except Excalibur, which is literally the only reason I come to this dumpster. Head over to Red Apple and get more for less from people who actually care and know about what they are selling you!

    PS- Blackjack is owned by Area 51, so don’t expect any differences there either!

  • VegasNativeSucka

    The customer service there was unprofessional and rude. The group of employees there stared without saying a word, and offered no friendly service. Eventually one began to follow us around continously asking if we needed help every 2 minutes when we were just trying to shop. The female staff was ok for the most part. The male staff seemed much more rude.The firework business in Pahrump. There prices were ok at best. Convenient location but much prefer the many other firework establishments in Pahrump.


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