Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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34 Reviews

  • Sally Cosner

    Employees can be rude

  • ramsey me

    Very pricey

  • Lord Dankness

    Went here in the middle of the night, a bunch of grey little people were holding the store up with AK-47’s but they probed my ass, so fun for the whole family

  • Bearded_dick

    You have to have a permit in order to by cool fireworks. If you just want safe and sound fireworks you have 1 isle to look through

  • Anthony

    on my last trip, I come here for exalibur shells by world class. then i went down the street to red apple and got some uv shells too. shot them side by side. no contest!!! uv shells kick ass. lots of low breaks and duds with the area 51s alien brand so shop carefully. buyer beware my eyebrows are gone.


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34 Reviews