Area 51 Fireworks

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Price matching: Never

Website rating: 1.5 stars

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Product categories: aerial, ground

Brands stocked: Alien, Brothers, World Class

Prices: $$$$

Payments accepted: cash only

Parking: parking lot, gravel lot

Wheelchair accessible: No

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  • Joshua G.

    The employees seemed rude and unprofessional. Crisis were okay but nothing special. Out of all the firework places in Pahrump you would think they would try a little harder to keep businesses. The worst fireworks store I visited in Pahrump.

  • Joshua G.

    I have bough fireworks every year for the past 5 years I spend about $3-4k , But this year I when I was really disappointed in the new boxes this box has less product /fireworks ,it was more expensive, and it didn’t had the canisters shells that it had last year I em really disappointed, I dont think I’ll be going back next year . P.s it was so hard to find some one to talk to that new about new product and performance! I posted a picture from the new product and the old , the old one is the green box, and they didn’t had any more reapers according to the staff they won’t sell them any more due them been defective / miss fire

  • Ivan M.

    So yesterday I decided to drive here from California, obviously to buy fireworks. This is the third trip I make in two months, last two trips I spent around $3K each time. Every year I go and I buy around 4K in fireworks. this time it was very, very different. I had a pick up, Dodge Ram so I loaded the products there. On my way back it was around two in the morning, the products were loaded on the bed of the pick up. As I am arriving to the strip of Las Vegas out of nowhere the fireworks start to ignite. I was driving along with my cousin and we frantically stopped in the middle of the road got off the Dodge. I ran back & somehow hopped on the bed and threw all the cases out while they were exploding. While doing so I was burnt, and the truck received major damage. This has never happened to anyone I know or myself, there’s absolutely no reason for why the fireworks would ignite, but because they were poorly built. The quality has gone down. It was not the heat, it was two in the morning, no sun. The packaging was very poor, safety standards for packaging have gone down. I have called all day in order to speak to a manager and no one is willing to talk. I am not asking for them to pay the damages done to the truck, but to get to talk to a manager. This is no way to treat a customer that has sent so many customers your way, and spent thousands and thousands throughout the years. I hope to get a response very soon. I have added pictures.

  • Renee B.

    We have come here a couple of times to buy fireworks and there usually is a buy one get one or buy one get two free sale. The staff have always been friendly to us.

    But my biggest complaint is we have been there a couple of times and not once did anyone explain the wholesale area in the back. Where the public can buy, it’s just in bulk.

    This last time when we checked out we were told about the wholesale area AFTER we bought the fireworks. We left what we bought in the front and went to check it out. Found out what we paid for, we could have received double the amount of what we got. So we asked if we could return what we bought b/c it had not left the store with the items. And we wanted to go to the wholesale area and buy. We were told there were no returns. And maybe next time we would have to just go back there and buy. There was one young lady that was going to at least ask for us but her manager was busy and there was no one else to ask. I appreciated her efforts but no one else made the effort to make us feel any better.
    Wow, totally made us feel like they were pulling something over on us. Why wouldn’t they explain to us about how the wholesale part worked. And then refuse to return the items that hadn’t even left the store!!
    Not sure if we will be back. Place felt shady.

  • Sally Cosner

    Employees can be rude


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